Ghosts in North Karelia - Ghost hunt

Saturday 26.8.2023

The ageless event traces homely ghosts and their stories with a playful mind, with humour. Places where the ghosts have been seen in Joensuu, Liperi and Outokumpu can be toured by bicycle, scooter or by walking. You can choose the places marked on the map and plan your own route.

You can find the map online (link to Google map, see the red circles with a ghost figure) or pick up the paper map on 26.8. at 10-14 from the red storage building at Joensuu Taitokortteli inner yard. When you visit these ghost places, you can listen to or read about the ghosts in Finnish, English, Russian or Ukrainian. In some places, you may also see the ghost of the place! Please avoid entering churches and cemeteries during church services and entering courtyards marked as private.

Along the way, you can also visit the marked playgrounds and outdoor exercise areas on the map!

The participants of the ghost hunt can enjoy the catering and program in Joensuu, Liperi and Outokumpu, see the information below! 

Coffee serving & activities for adults and children: 

Joensuu, Taitokortteli inner yard (red storage building, Koskikatu 1), at 10-14 

  • coffee, tea, juice and cookies 
  • short exercise sessions for adults
  • for children in ghost stories, face painting and nail polish with scary colors!
  • lottery
  • presentation of the activities ofJoenVoLi and North Karelia Historical Association

Liperi, Liperi church parking lot, at 11-13 

  • coffee, tea, juice and cookies 
  • short exercise sessions 
  • presentation of LiVLi activities  
  • face painting and nail polish

Outokumpu, Old Mine area, at 10-12 

  • coffee, tea, juice and cookies
  • short gym sessions: 10-10.30 children's dance, 10.30-11 muscle fitness (on the viewing platform if good weather), 11-11.30 pump, 11.30-12 dance workout 
  • lottery

The event is completely free! Join for a ghost hunt!

Also visit North Karelia Wellness Festival at Areena 10-15 and Pielisjoki Castle 12-15!